Fungi non delineati LI-LII - NEVILLE, P. & POUMARAT, S. - Amanita sect. Vaginatae

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Fungi non delineati LI-LII

Quelques espèces nouvelles ou mal délimitées d’Amanita de la sous-section Vaginatinae
1er complément à AMANITEAE, Fungi Europaei 9

Neville, P. & Poumarat, S. (2009)

This work is the first addition to the monograph 9 of the Fungi Europaei series: AMANITEAE of the same authors.

The new Amanita betulae, A. coryli, A. coryli f. albida, A. fulvoides, A. schaefferi, A. schaefferi f. albidoochracea, A. subfuliginosa, A. ochraceomaculata f. albidopileata, A. umbrinolutea f. albida are described; moreover A. avellanea are renamed and finally the next lectotypus or neotypus are nominated: Agaricus badius Schaeffer, A. vaginata var. lividopallescens Gillet, A. battarrae (Boudier) M. Bon, A. umbrinolutea (Gillet) Bataille.

A. pini, A. badia, A. spadicea, A. praetoria, A. ochraceomaculata, A. pachyvolvata, A. simulans, A. simulans f. alba, A. malleata, A. subfraudulenta, A. lividopallescens var. tigrina, A. lividopallescens and A. separata are also investigated with an exhaustive description.

A. battarrae and A. umbrinolutea are separated in conformity with the habitat.